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bucharesvideot  Did you know that there is a parliament building, which is the largest and the heaviest administrative building in the world? It weighs more than 4 billion kilos, and has a volume of 2.5 million cubic meters. It is valued at 3 billion euros. Amazing, right?

Starting from an old idea, the building of the Palace of Parliament was built under Nicolae Ceauşescu during a period with high economic hardship. The dictator’s tendency was, on the one hand, to focus all the main bodies of the state in one building and, on the other hand, Ceauşescu wanted a safe place to live under a seismic risk, that would hold up to even a nuclear attack.
The entire construction is the result of over 100,000 workers’ effort, more than 20,000 persons working 24 hour three shifts per day, during the peak periods. Moreover, between years 1984 and 1990, 12,000 soldiers took part in the construction works.
The building has a surface of 365.000 sqm and holds the 1st position in the Guinness World Records for the largest administrative building (for civil use), and the 3rd place worldwide from the volume point of view of; it is the heaviest and most expensive building in the world.
The building, once intended to be a construction that worshipped socialism, communism and totalitarianism is now, after 27 years from the Revolution in 1989, a symbol of democracy due to the public institutes located inside (Chamber of Deputies, the Senate, the Legislative Council, the Constitutional Court of Romania).

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